Blind Spot Sensors


Radar Blind Spot System with Cross Traffic Detection

  • Bright day-night indicators cleanly mount at bottom of windshield trim; no exposed wires
  • System uses a CAN-wire connection to activate only when vehicle speed is greater than 15 mph
  • New upgraded RDBS-1500 “sees” 15 feet further behind then vehicle than our original system
  • Audible tone and visual warning light alerts driver when vehicle is in blind spot and turn signal is activated
  • Detection range of approximately 40ft behind vehicle
  • Built-in rear cross-traffic alert senses vehicles approaching from the sides (helpful when backing out of a parking spot)
  • Foam wrapped interior connections eliminate any noise or rattle
  • System ignores stationary objects – minimizing false warnings
  • Accurately monitors the lane next to the vehicle without triggering warnings for vehicles two lanes over
  • Senses everything in size from motorcycles to semi trucks